Dissemination and Capacity Building

MiWORC sought to use research ļ¬ndings to inform policy-making and strengthen capacity amongst various actors.


MiWORC aimed to provide empirical evidence to inform the EU-SA Dialogue Facility and a range of policy development processes on labour migration in South Africa and the region. Through policy briefs, research reports, presentations to stakeholders and policy dialogue events, MiWORC continues to seek to enable government, business, and organised labour to develop empirically-based policy options.

Capacity Building

One of the core objectives of the consortium was to strengthen its partners' and associates' expertise in research, monitoring and evaluation, and policy development. Amongst the recipients of such capacity building events and processes were government departments (the Department of Labour and Statistics South Africa), organised business and labour. More specifically, the skills transfer processes targetted researchers, policy developers, and middle to senior managers within government and organised labour by creating an environment where knowledge could be shared through collaboration and training.

Research Uptake

MiWORC successfully followed an ambitious research uptake plan which was organised around three main areas: inclusive conceptualisation and design research processes; targeted and consistent flows of project information; and user-friendly outputs. Regular meetings were held throughout the duration of the programme to inform and engage all stakeholders. This has ensured that MiWORC outputs are relevant for policy informing. In addition to its presence online, MiWORC’s quarterly newsletter in 2013-14 provided regular updates on research developments, events, and outputs to over 800 stakeholders, across South Africa and the region. Each of MiWORC’s work packages had a publication and dissemination plan specific to the needs of its partners and associates. This includes the translation of research findings into end-user compatible documents (briefs, fact sheets, and media releases) as well as specific presentations and workshops requested by various stakeholders.